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This Feels Good…I Want To Make Tracks Like This


This track is kinda old but I’ve been bumping it heavy in the ipod…the track speaks to me if that makes any sense. It kinda gives me a feeling like everything is gunna be alright. I really want to make tracks like this…if you check my first post you’ll read about how I see music…I […]

Ok I’m Really Late But This Is Hot


I can’t even front, this song is funny as hell because it’s so over the top! The crazy thing is that it’s actually a really good song and I find myself humming it every now and then…all I have to say is T-Pain did it again!! Peep: ~Swagger

Song 0f The Week


0ops! I almost forgot to post this this week! Whew, that was a close one lol…aight so I’ve been listening to Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape lately and I must say that the kid has talent. It’s pretty hard to choose just one song off of the mixtape so guess what I’m gunna do! Yup! […]



This short cartoon shows how silly this whole Twitter phenomenon is…I must admit, I have a twitter account and Im addicted lol. Check the shameless self promotion section and click on the follow me link if u arent following me already! :-p ~Swagger

I Love This!!


I recently saw this video and I HAD to post it! I think this is so creative! Kudos to the visionary behind this one. The song is mad chill too…enjoy!! 0ren Lavie- Her Morning Elegance ~Swagger

Song of The Week Part 2


Sorry for the delay! I should have posted this since like Wednesday! Ahh well here’s the second song of the week…it actually comes right after “Fancy” on The-Dream’s album and the blend comes in beautifully to this song…so ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…”The Right Side 0f My Brain”: Enjoy 🙂 ~Swagger

Song of The Week


0k Im trying to keep up with this blog thing so I decided to start a song of the week post…I recently heard the The-Dream’s new album (Love vs. Money) and I heard two songs that really stood out…this is the first one: The other song will be posted later this week…hey why not?? Two […]

Enjoy folks…this dude is smoove!!


The fight…


What do you do when everything seems to be going against you?? When everything that you fight for falls apart right in front of you’re eyes?? When life doesn’t even give you lemons to make lemonade with?? When you’re down and out and someone still finds a way to push you into a dark place…so […]

Music has a face…


I decided to describe music as if it were a female…just because I think it is beautiful. I can see her…not the notes but the actual colors and shapes that she emits… When she’s mad she turns sharp and dark like indigo…she moves quickly, aimlessly and she seems impatient. When she’s sad she is like […]