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Song 0f The Week: Boom-Bap Edition

Aight so I’m still slacking on this blogging thing and I completely forgot to post the song of the week for last week. This week you’re going to get a another two for one deal! The songs I chose for this week are songs that I’ve had for a while and I pretty much listen to everyday on the train because I enjoy them so much! The tracks on both songs have a “boom-bap” feel to them (Boom-bap is pretty much a track with a hard kick sound followed by a snappy snare sound. Usually accompanied by a hi-hat sound). You see what I mean as soon as each track starts. Enjoy!
The first song is called Piano Lessons by Colin Munroe feat. Joell 0rtiz (Produced by Black Milk, who happens to be another talented emcee)

The second song is called Decision by Busta Rhymes feat. Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, John Legend, and Common. (Produced by Mr. Porter…In my opinion, the best song off of his latest LP, Back 0n My B.S.)


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