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Song of The Week: Friendly Fires Edition


Yes, yes I know…I suck at this blogging thing!! Anyway, no excuses, I’ll just get right into the songs for this week (or month for that matter lol). Did you notice that I said S0NGS?? That wasn’t a typo! This week I wanted to showcase a dope band called Friendly Fires. I’ve had them bumping […]

I cant get this song out of my headdddd!!


Yes yes I know Im pretty bad at this blogging thing but life has been pretty exciting and busy lately…this dj thing is keeping me REALLY busy!! …but I love it!! Anyway, Im about to run out, but before that, I must post this song that has been in my head for the past 4-5 […]

Song 0f The Week: Boom-Bap Edition


Aight so I’m still slacking on this blogging thing and I completely forgot to post the song of the week for last week. This week you’re going to get a another two for one deal! The songs I chose for this week are songs that I’ve had for a while and I pretty much listen […]

This Song Is Fire


I had to post this…I was listening my favorite music video channel (yes I said listen, I don’t watch the screen unless I hear something really dope) and I heard a very familiar voice so I had to look up…to my delight I saw that it was Maxwell! I haven’t heard anything new from him […]

Video of the week…


0ops! Sorry, Ive really been slacking with this blog thing! I’ll try to get back on it more consistently… Anyway, this week, I have the pleasure of displaying a music video from one of my favorite rappers that I actually know personally…8thw1. If you’ve never heard of him, make sure you check him out because […]

All I Have To Say Is Sign Me Up!


I HAVE to do this one day somehow! Just watch the video (be sure to watch in full screen mode so u can get the full effect) and you’ll see what I mean. I now have a new entry to the “Things I Must Do Before I Die” list lol! ~Swagger

This Video Is Crazy!


I just had to post this! This video is from semi-indie umm…alternative (?) duo Matt and Kim. I had the pleasure of meeting them a couple months ago at The Fader’s offices and they are really cool people…after seeing this video, they definitely earned some extra cool points in my book! Just watch and see […]

Hahaha Classic!!


Fyi Will Ferrell is the man!! I think this skit will NEVER get old…nuff said…ENJ0Y!! Sorry about the crappy quality of this video. The original is on and it wouldn’t allow me to add it to my blog so I had to use good, old-fashioned youtube! If you want a crisper video, try

Song 0f The Week


This song is one of my favorites of all time…this song is like my cup of hot chocolate after coming in from the cold. If my day isn’t going so well, I play this song in my ipod and zone out…it usually makes me feel better…I love this song. It’s U2’s Beautiful Day. Enjoy! ~Swagger

This Dude Is Kinda Dope


Anyone that knows me personally knows that I love the production aspect of music and I can watch the pros make beats all day…I recently came across this dude Jo A (or JoJo Beats), he’s a fairly unknown producer, but his tracks are on point! Future super producer? What do you think? Check him out: […]